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"Your sales goals

are the only benchmark for me as a trainer and coach."



selected clients

Tailormade training and coaching!

“I don’t think much of standard training and coaching in sales. Every company, every team, every sales team works differently.

The sales topics that I work on together with my customers are often classic. However, the implementation in practice is highly individual. Taking action is important to me and my customers.

Because the only benchmark is: you achieve your goal! There are no model solutions. But many practical examples from many years of experience. Let’s talk!”
Gregor Minichberger
Geschäftsführer Rox Sales

Topics and results

Acquire new customers

Is interested in conversations with potential customers, including on the phone
Ask a lot and listen actively
Recognizes benefit expectations
Is good at communicating and clarifies objections clearly


Knows the goals and requirements of the customers and is prepared
Develops solution corridors based on shared interests.
Meets demands on an equal footing and only gives if he/she gets something.

Trade fair discussions

A no-go: “How can I help you?”
Ask a lot and understand
Only show what interests customers
Coordinate and document further action

Proactivity in the back office

Shaping or execution?
Initiate additional sales
Understand the customers’ business model
Follow up on offers

Sales technician

Technicians and service employees say: “Yes, I’m a salesperson too!”
A new role model emerges.
Simple tools for conversations provide security

Lead trading partners

Leads trading partners without the authority to issue instructions
Is a role model in sales
Trains sales skills among partner employees
Clearly demands the interests of your own company


You tell me your requirements and receive a tailor-made implementation plan.

Methods and implementation

all focused on sales

  • Training for sales

  • Coaching

  • Solution-focused workshops

  • Competitions

  • measure qualitative goals

  • Case discussions

  • Meeting preparations